Monday, January 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Good evening!  I almost forgot to post this week, but it's a good thing I remembered because I actually have something to show!!  Every night I have been able to spend a little time working on some applique blocks.  I have finished 2 two blocks and I only have 3 more left.  In fact, I am almost finished with the third one but I can't count it yet, but soon!  Here are the two I finished this week.

I am absolutely in love with these little birds and I can't wait to see how they all look together.  

If you want to see what everyone else is up to go to Patchwork Times!  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Temple Square

Over the holidays our family made the trip to Salt Lake to visit Temple Square.  As always, it was beautiful and kind of cold!  I am always amazed at how many lights they can pack onto a single tree!!  

Here are my cute girls, with the headbands I made them . . . 

I am so lucky to be their mother, it is the best job in the world!  If only I could figure out a way to keep them little, but then I would miss out on the wonderful women they will become.  I'm just trying to enjoy every stage they go through, because I know they will move onto another one soon.  

I hope wherever you are it is warmer than here.  The last two mornings when I pulled into work it was -6 degrees F.  Too cold for me!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Wish List

January is now here and the time to make resolutions.  Since last year's quilting resolutions didn't go very well I might as make some new ones!  Judy at Patchwork Times is hosting a "Get it Done" Challenge.  Each month we will list 4 things we would like to accomplish and then report back on the end of the month.  I am in love with this idea!!  I can look at the month, see what I have going on and then set a reasonable goal.  At least I will give it a try!

Here I go . . .

1 - finish gluing all the small My Tweets blocks to the background fabric
2 - complete the large center medallion for My Tweets
3 - finish hand sewing 2 small My Tweets blocks
4 - finish star blocks for gift quilt 

There isn't a lot of substance to this list.  I'm sure if I had one week of free time I couldn't fill it all up with these four projects, but I have to work and I will just try to accomplish what is on this list!  Can you tell I really want to get My Tweets finished?  

Good luck to everyone else that is participating!