Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Something

Well I tried to get this up yesterday but it just didn't happen. In reality not a lot happened yesterday!  The morning was pretty lazy and the night ended with selling concessions at our county fair. I don't want to look at another hamburger for awhile!  

Now the this week is beginning and the rush will begin again!  I'm hoping to get the borders put on this little beauty before Tuesday!  

It has 3 borders and they really should be mitered. Eeekk!  I've never attempted anything mitered before. I've always been too nervous.  After reading a dozen tutorials I'm ready to tackle this challenge!

 The background of this quilt is not what I'm accustomed to using but I absolutely love it. I can't wait to see the final project!  If only I had more time in a day. A girl can dream right?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Halloween Hangin' Around

Hey hey!  I just wanted to let you know one of my designs is featured on Fort Worth Fabric Studio's blog today!  This little wall hanging tutorial finishes about 44" square and is a quick project!  Head on over there and check it out as well as all the other fantastic projects they have going on.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Something

Hello everyone! I know it has been forever since I posted anything. I would love to get back into blogging and this is just the time I should!  

Just a few updates since last January!  Holy cow it has been a long time.  Here is the short version!

*  I did graduate with a Master's degree!  Wahoo!!  It got intense at the end but I'm finished!

*  My kids are doing great!  Big L just turned 14, Big K is 10 and Little A is almost 7.  It is crazy how fast the time has flew by.  They are amazing kids and I'm blessed to be their mom.  

*  Let's talk about school.  I just recently moved to a 4th grade position.  Yup, no more wiping noses and tying shoes.  We have been in class 2 days and I'm amazed at how wonderful my class is.  In some ways I'm sad to not be with little kids but this is going to be a wonderful adventure.  

*  Still on the school note, my husband went back to school this past year.  He has handled everything with so much patience and a level head.  Right now he is planning on getting his RN and working as a nurse after he retires from his present job.  He is on a 20 year retirement and will be able to retire in about 8 years.  That makes me sound really old, thinking about his retirement!   

*  I'm still quilting and knitting sometimes.  Not a lot of knitting going on, but more quilting.  It seems I go in spurts!  Right now quilting is on my mind.  I recently bought a Sweet Sixteen quilting machine and have been in heaven quilting my own quilts.  

My plans for this blog are to keep it up and post more often.  Please check back soon!  I will be sharing my latest creation on Fort Worth Fabric Studio's blog next week!  I'm seriously excited and honored to be a guest on their blog.  Check out their website too!  They have such cute fabric!  

Well I've gotta run!  Life is busy but I'm so excited to be committed to blogging again and hopefully catching up with all of you!