Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Something

Well I tried to get this up yesterday but it just didn't happen. In reality not a lot happened yesterday!  The morning was pretty lazy and the night ended with selling concessions at our county fair. I don't want to look at another hamburger for awhile!  

Now the this week is beginning and the rush will begin again!  I'm hoping to get the borders put on this little beauty before Tuesday!  

It has 3 borders and they really should be mitered. Eeekk!  I've never attempted anything mitered before. I've always been too nervous.  After reading a dozen tutorials I'm ready to tackle this challenge!

 The background of this quilt is not what I'm accustomed to using but I absolutely love it. I can't wait to see the final project!  If only I had more time in a day. A girl can dream right?


  1. Pretty Flying Geese. Miters only matter when there is a need to match a motif in the corner. You can do it. What choice of fabric will be the border?

    1. I had planned on having the background as the first border then a scrappy border which would be sewn on the diagonal, then a repeat of the background. But as I started sewing it tonight it wasn't working. So I decided to make the scrappy border straight seams. This would make the mitered border unnecessary.
      I guess I'll see if I like it!