Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Projects!

Well the Design Star Contestants received the news if we would be moving on to the next challenge and sadly I am not (tear.)  I would like to thank everyone that put in a vote for me.  I have the best friends and supporters, thanks!!  I had a great time designing quilts and I wouldn't change one thing about them.  I know I will continue to design and vote for the next challenge.  Good luck to the quilters who are in challenge 2!
Now that I am not required to make anything in particular I wanted to show what I started working on a few days ago.

This is Pieceful Garden by Mary Sorensen and Jan Wildman.  I have had this for a few years and it has been collecting dust in a dark cupboard.  I am really excited to start/finish it.  Keep checking back to see the progress.


  1. Sorry you aren't in the 2nd Challenge. They only took the top 15 of 20. Enjoy your applique quilt, it's pretty.

  2. Anne--your quilt design deserved to move you forward. Enjoy the free time you'll now have ;-) The voting/judging process is so unknown, hard to know what has the greatest impact on the decisioning. Did they give you any feedback?