Thursday, July 7, 2011


I would like to share with you some great tools that come from Westenskow & Sons.  My dad turns all of these by hand on a wood lathe using a variety of different hardwoods.  The tools are great for everyday use or they look great just sitting by your sewing machine. 

First is our Seam Presser.  This handy tool allows you to press seams while sitting at your sewing machine.  You just have to open the seam and roll it across.  It doesn't stretch the fabric and it will lay flat until you really "want" to go to the ironing board. 

Next is our stiletto, or awl.  This little tool helps guide fabric underneath the presser foot.  Instead of pinning your points together you can hold them together with the stiletto and release as soon as it hits the needle.

This is my favorite tool, probably because it is the one I use the most.  I hate to admit that I have to use a seam ripper, and it happens often!!  The tips are replaceable, so in case you use it enough that it becomes dull (I'm sure none of you use a seam ripper that much) we can fix it. 

Each tool is about 7 inches long, and the seam ripper & stiletto have a flat side so they will not roll off the table.  They come in 7 styles with 15 different hardwoods.  
If you have any questions send me an email!!


  1. Hi Anne--I purchased a set at a quilt show in Oct 2010...I am interested in replacing a seam ripper tip and another set...who can I contact?? I love these products...totally amazing...

  2. I'm glad you like our products, you can email me at I hope to her from you soon!