Sunday, February 19, 2012

I know I haven't posted anything for a long time but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!  These three gorgeous girls have kept me busy and there has been some quilting going on as well!

I have finished the top for the Color Palette Challenge with Patchwork Times and Field Trips in Fiber.  If you want to check out the challenge go here.  
These colors were definitely out of my comfort zone.  I tried placing the colors right next to each other but that didn't work.  I was a little concerned my idea wouldn't work.  When I put the white in, it just came together.  

I would love to say this quilt is for me, but it will actually be going to my dad.  He has been asking one of us to make a quilt using his Coke Glass Template since the summer.  Finally he is going to get something!  I love the design I came up with, and it is a really fast project.  I used raw edge applique so there are no curved seams, just lots of fun!  Right now I am thinking of calling it "Lava Lamps."  But I need to hurry and decide because my dad has a show he is going to the first week of March.  He would like to have the pattern to sell along with the template.  

I am frantically trying to quilt this thing over the weekend.  It is coming together alright.  I still need lots and lots of practice machine quilting but I'm trying to see the positive side of it just being finished!  However, I have run out of white thread.  I had 900 yards when I started but now I just have a 1/2 bobbin left.  My mom has some she will lend me, so maybe I will still be able to get in finished this weekend!  Thanks again to my mom, who has bailed me out more times than I am able to count.  

As far as the quilting, in the white sections I quilted a flame looking thing, for lack of better words, and in the rest I quilted circles because I wanted a lava lamp look.   

It feels as if it is taking forever!!  The circles are taking more time than I anticipated, but then again most things take far less time in my mind than they do in reality.  

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