Sunday, September 23, 2012

Favorite Quilts

We are back from the quilt shows!  I was so excited to get to St. George this weekend and it certainly didn't disappoint me!  I went down before the rest of my family and ran the show with my aunt.  It was so nice to talk with her, and pick her brain for great quilting ideas.  After spending time with her I decided I have many, many more things to learn!  The rest of my family came down Friday night, and came to the show on Saturday.  My kids have been going to shows since they were just little babies.  They have always found ways to entertain themselves during the long hours.  One of their favorites is to play "fort" under the tables.  As you can see Little A had to be reminded to stay under the tablecloth (well, after mom took the picture).

Here are my favorite quilts from the Dixie Quilt Show.  There were so many beautiful quilts it was hard to pick three.
Day of the Dead, by Cathie Purdy
I don't know why this appealed to me.  It was a little morbid at first with all the skulls, but it was so different than everything else it really stood out.  It had lots of glitter on the outline of the skulls, not sure if the fabric came like that or if it was after it was made.  I couldn't help but be drawn to it.  

Iced Autumn, by Christine Echols

I loved how the leaves seemed to levitate above the quilt.  The leaves were fused to the pieced background and quilted with metallic thread to resemble the veins of the leaf.  It looked easy to replicate, but I know it would be hard to produce the overall effect!

Labyrinth Walk, by Josephine Keasler

This quilt was the "so called" favorite of Little A.  I told her to pick the one she liked the best.  It didn't talk her very long.  I think she just wanted to have her picture taken.  I have to agree with her, it is a beautiful quilt.  I love the color scheme, or rather the lack of colors!
It was a fun show and revied my quilting desire!  I came home with a great paper piecing pattern, with the fabric to go with it.  And a few other pieces that were calling my name!  

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  1. What fun Quilts. I saw the original "Labrinth Walk" at TRENDS in March. I know the Quilt Designer and met the quilter who quilted his quilt there also. It is even better in person!