Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally something quilty!

Quilty, is that even a word? 

I feel like I have to apologize for my long absence!  I am doing great, my family is fantastic, but life has been busy!!!  The longer I didn't blog the more I felt like I needed to catch up with everything that had been going on.  It started to feel overwhelming!  I have missed communicating with everyone, not sure how many people read this, but I am ready to start posting again.

Well, back to the quilty thing.  Westenskow & Sons is at two quilt shows this weekend!  One in Longmont Colorado and the other in St. George Utah.  This is our smaller booth at the St. George show.

It is great to be here, not thinking about school, just relaxing and watching people.  Not watching in a weird creepy way, just crowd watching!
I haven't even walked around to see what is here, but from the booth I can see some gorgeous quilts!  I will post my 3 favorites later.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I'm watching. I love people watching at the Fair. The Quilts are my main focus though! Welcome back, I missed seeing your posts.