Monday, March 11, 2013

Design wall Monday

Hey!  This is going to be a quick post because there is nothing really impressive to show today.  I have been working on my "Get it Done" projects.  So far this month I have finished 1 of the small Lucy blocks and have started the 50 flying geese for the gift quilt.  I had a very special helper today.  

She wanted to help pull out all the pins and stick them back in the tomato pin cushion.  

She really wants her own tomato!  But she says she wanted one without any "needles, cause that would be bad huh mom?"  She just cracks me up!

Here are the flying geese in progress.  I am using the four square method of making flying geese.  I recently became hooked on this method.  It has no waste and it make 4 at a time.  I'm all for anything that saves time and fabric.  

Hopefully I will start quilting the scrappy quilt tomorrow!  I have big plans for this week and everything has to run smoothly to fit everything in.  I need to load the scrappy quilt tomorrow, hopefully quilt a little.  Finish quilting on Wednesday, take girls to dance performance.  Thursday, bind the quilt, fix running pants.  Friday & Saturday run first race, agh!  It is a 10K, I'm pretty sure I'm ready but I'm not sure what to expect!  Hopefully somewhere I will finish these flying geese and feed my family and keep everyone happy and clean!  Wish me luck.  It you need more inspiration head to Patchwork Times for more Design Wall Monday!  

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  1. Wow, I wish I had your energy... running, quilting, binding, but I see you have a cute little helper ;-)