Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Little Bit of Fun

During the last week the girls and I had a little bit of craftiness going on!  They have been really interested in sewing so I printed off some sewing sheets and let them go for it!  These sheets are just to let them practice sewing on a line and turning a corner. They didn't use thread but they absolutely loved it!  

Little K was a bit apprehensive about using the sewing machine but once she got the hang of it she couldn't get enough. In fact she had to sew something "real" together. Since we have an abundance of fat quarters she sewed a few together and was completely proud of herself. 

Little A wouldn't be left out of the loop but she practiced her cutting ability, since it was practically non-existent. 

She cut out little square letters and did a pretty good job. Now I have little pieces of paper littering my floor because she wanted to do more and more!

I guess they are my children or just want to be involved in what I am doing because they love to start projects!  Now if I could only teach them how to finish!

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