Friday, January 17, 2014

On The Needles 1-17-14

I am famous for starting projects, not liking the progress and then just stopping.  Or I don't know what to do next so I just put it away.  I'm afraid this is happening with my sweater progress.  I need some advice.  

I have never knitted a sweater before so I made some swatches, thought I had my gauge right, started the sweater and happily knitted away.  Put in a life line, tried it on, felt good about it and kept going.  Put in a second life line, tried it on and now I'm not so sure.  I chose the pattern Ease because it looked comfy and easy to wear.  It is supposed to have 3-4 inches of positive ease for a more baggy look.  I am not getting that look so far!  I measured myself and everything pointed to a medium.  The pattern called for size 10 needle, I got my gauge on a size 8.  Here is what I have so far, disregard the white line!

And the back.

I know it is really hard to tell when it is not finished but if I need to start over again I would rather do it now than when I get 5 more inches.  Here are my observations.  My gauge should be 18 stitches / 4 inches.  Right now it is about 20.  The shoulders fit well, I will pick up stitches to finish the neckline.  The underarm area is in the right place, but not too baggy.  It doesn't pull open at the bust, doesn't stretch it to the extreme but definitely looks different underneath the bust.  I don't have a large chest so I am not used to anything gaping in that area (or looking different at all).  It doesn't look bad on me, just different than what I was expecting. Do I keep going, rip it out, change needle size.  I'm open to any suggestions.  What would you do?

Okay, light up my inbox!  I don't want this to become an unfinished project!  Until then, I will mosey on over to Patchwork Times and find some inspiration there!  

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  1. I'm certainly not an expert at knitting or making sweaters, but I think it looks like a good fit so far. If it feels comfortable on you, then I'd say keep going. How long is it supposed to come down on your hips? All those places that you say fit would indicate that you are on the right track.