Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cute New Things

Well my oldest daughter celebrated her 10th birthday last week.  Holy cow, I have a 10 year old!  It makes me feel kind of old because I remember turning 10 and thinking I was really big!  Ha, what did I know.  I thought about making her a quilt but with only a week to the big day I knew I wouldn't get that accomplished.  So I made a few things for her bed.  She has this big body pillow that sits on her bed, she loves it but it is ugly!  

So I quickly made a pillowcase out of broadcloth and decorated it with circles out of some funky fabric.  I think in was Terrain by Kate Spain.  It turned out really cute.  At least cuter than the before picture.  

I just cut out circles and then sewed through each one.  Really easy!  Hopefully it will hold up.  

I also found this really cute pattern/kit by Sue Spargo at the Cornwagon Quilt Shop in Springville. It just looked like my daughter so I made it for her birthday too.  

It turned out adorable!  When she opened it her little sister looked at me and said, "mom I want an owl pillow for my birthday too!  

This project is a mix of cotton and wool.  I have never made anything with wool before and it was really fun.  If you look close you can see where I messed up.  I forgot to reverse the branch pattern so it ended up facing the wrong way.  Oh well, it turned out well and she loves it.  Maybe she will get a quilt at another time!  

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