Thursday, October 4, 2012

Much Needed Conversation

I hear stories all day long that are on a 5 year old level.  Stories about someone's dog or their loose tooth.  I tie a lot of shoes and try not to have a "grossed out" face when someone sneezes and boogers hang out of their nose.  Yea, that really happens, and usually when that happens they just stare at me  with the look of "well what do I do now?"  Sometimes I just need to have more adult conversation, yesterday just happened to be the day!

In my school there is a teacher that loves to quilt, in fact, she is the one who encouraged me to try applique.  We got together yesterday and talked quilt stuff for about an hour.  I felt like I was in heaven!  We looked up different quilt designers, fabric, patterns and books.  It was so refreshing to find new designers and see the wonderful quilts that are out there.  It was just what I needed!  Last night I made time to sit at my sewing machine, it was only for 15 minutes but it was wonderful.  The rejuvenation I felt last night was amazing, and it all came from an hour of conversation about quilting!  Maybe I should have an enlightening conversation about cleaning, but then again, it probably wouldn't help.

This weekend I am joining a the Quilt-a-thon with Patchwork Times.  Does anyone want to join along?  It starts today and the goal is to sew, and sew and sew as much as we can Thursday - Sunday.  Of course, I have to work but I am planning on posting every night with the progress I have made that day.    I have high hopes of getting a few pesky projects finished!

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