Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tough Mudder & a Commitment

Hey, I know this post isn't about quilting so if you don't stick around to read the rest I will understand.  If you have read my blog before you have heard about my super supportive husband.  He is the best!  He rarely gets upset at the time (and money!) I spend on my hobbies.  Last weekend I was able to return the favor and support him in something he loves.  He participated in an event called the Tough Mudder!  This is a race, not the extreme competitive kind of race, just one that is fun and builds camaraderie.  Here is the run down, it is 12 miles with 21 different kinds of obstacles.  They mostly consist of mud, water, ice and a little electricity.  

Here we are at the beginning of the race.

They wrote his race number on his forehead.  He was also really proud of his farmer's tan!

The start of his 12 mile journey.

The spectators were not able to see every obstacle, there were about 8 - 10 we were able to see.  His parents were there as well and we split up so we could watch and get pictures and videos of different obstacles.  

Here is the video compilation.  It isn't the best recording but you get a feel for what happened.  Each obstacle has an interesting name, a few were "Arctic Enema" (jumping into icy water), Funky Monkey (monkey bars), "Electric Eel" (crawling under live wires in puddles of water) and a few others I won't put on here.  
My favorite parts are at :58, when he gets shocked and doesn't remember how his face got in the water and 2:09 when he is helping the girl up the mud hill and he gets hit in the face with her bum and he looks over at me and smiles.  

If you can't find him just look for the black shirt, shaved head and the farmer's tan!

He finished the face in just under 3 hours, he was able to run between each obstacle and he looked like he was having fun the whole time.  

He was still smiling at the finish line!

It was so much fun to watch him!  I was also very proud of all the hard work he put into training and getting ready to take on such a challenge.  If they had one tomorrow he would do it again.  
Here comes the commitment part of the post.  When he does it again I will do it with him!  I have a looong way to go to be prepared for this but I know I can do it.  It is a scary thing to think about but I just want to say I accomplished something like this.  Alright, now that my commitment is out there I will have to stick to it.  Soon you will see me wearing the orange headband!

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  1. I "googled" Tough Mudder and Quilts and found you! My son participates in these competitions and I know how much hard work and determination go into training. In fact, he will be doing the Toughest TM race this weekend in NJ! Good luck to you in your commitment to do it too!