Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quilt-a-thon Finale!

EDIT:  I linked up to Patchwork Times, Design Wall Monday!  Yes, I used the same pictures because this quilt is still sitting in the exact same position it was last night.  Darn job!  haha.  Head over to Judy's blog to see what others have been working on.  

Well the Quilt-a-thon is over!  I am so glad I participated.  It was a wild weekend, but so much was accomplished at my house.  Here is the run down

*  12 Days of Christmas top completed
*  Countdown to Christmas completed, ready to use!
*  Christmas Tree top completed (pic below)
*Christmas Tree quilting half done! (pic below)

All you machine quilters don't look (or judge) my quilting.  I know it is not perfect but I consider it a learning process, and I am in the beginning stages.  With Christmas coming around the corner I feel a little bit more prepared.  

Everything that was accomplished this weekend could not have been possible if my husband didn't help out so much.  He made dinner, washed laundry, cleaned the kitchen (including dishes), and gave me the answer "that looks great!" whenever I needed some encouragement.  He is a keeper!  All the work he did is really the norm around our house, he supports me 100%.  

If you want to see what other quilters were up to this weekend check out Patchwork Times!  The next Quilt-a-thon in in November, hope you can join in!


  1. I think he's a keeper too. How sweet and I think your quilting looks good. It was a good time.

  2. Looks good to me! I am still working on my Farmer's Wife. I Need to get on my Christmas Quilts again, it is sneaking up on me. My DH cooked a ham in the Crock Pot today. It' is nice to have a Hubby who helps, for sure. I didn't get to Sew Along all week-end. I had to keep going back upstairs to stir my Chili Sauce.

  3. Your quilting looks fine. It takes a lot of practice so just keep going and you will get better and better.

  4. Love this! Your talent never ceases to amaze! Where do you get your energy??