Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun in Panguitch

This past weekend we traveled to Panguitch in southern Utah for their annual Quilt Walk Festival.  I wrote about it a few years ago, you can find the post here. Of course, Westenskow and Sons were there selling our wares. We have been to this show as vendors for 12 or 13 years (does it really matter?).  In a way it feels like we are going home. They have seen my kids as tiny babies and then each year as they have grown up. It is a really fun atmosphere and there is something for everyone, from tractor parades to quilt classes.
They had an area for kids which we took our girls to this year. They absolutely loved it. 
They made butter with whipping cream, salt and a marble (it was boiled or so they said). Shake, shake, shake and then it was done. They also had boiled wheat to try. Needless to say my girls were not too impressed with it. 

All three of them took a ride in a handcart, pulled by some very nice young men.  I don't think we would make really good pioneers.  We have been coddled too much with air conditioning and cars!

They also had a petting zoo with various farm animals.  Little A & Big L's favorite animal was a baby chick. Big K's favorite was the puppy. Really?  We have one at home she gets to pet everyday!  It was a different breed and really cute so who am I to judge!  

Their favorite part was the quilting station. They had little quilt sandwiches stapled onto little wooden frames that kids could try hand sewing with. All three of them jumped on this activity and did pretty well for their age and ability. 

Little A could handle a needle without poking herself!  Her stitches were all over the place and were about an inch apart but she was so proud of herself!

Big K's quilt stitches were pretty even and she was soon threading her own needle when she pulled too hard. 

Big L had it down in just a few tries!  She had even stitches and was able to stay an even distance from the edge of the triangle. 

 I can't believe the amount of prep work that went into all those stations. The girls enjoyed every minute if it!

I entered my heart appliqué quilt into the show this year. It was kind of fun to see it hanging next to other fantastic quilts. 

I need to find a spot in my house to hang it, but also somewhere that is will not be touched by little (sometimes dirty) hands everyday. 
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  1. You look great next to your Quilt! Nice to have a picture of it while it is hanging. They had lots of fun things to keep everyone happy it seems. Nice to have the samples all ready to work on.