Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Design wall, umm floor!  Since I don't have a specific sewing room yet I have taken over the kitchen table and a design wall is nowhere in sight.   The floor will have to do for now.  I recently blogged about Erin Russek and her great blog here.  I finally started on my version of "My Tweets."  Here is what I have so far.
Block 8
Block 7

Please, don't mind the dog ears that are sticking out.  I don't take care of those until I start sewing.  I am just trying to get all the blocks put together and when I have to go in the car or a dance practice they just go along with me.   

Last night I cut out blocks 6 & 9, decided what colors all the shapes should be, tucked them into the correct color and went to bed.  When I came home at lunch it looked sort of like this. 

Actually it looked much worse!  My cute little three year old (who loves to play with fabric) had spread all the fabric pieces on the couch and along the way scattered the pieces I so carefully put together. How can you blame her though?  Especially when she gives you a sweet little smile like this.  

I guess it is a good thing she is so cute!  Oh well, maybe tonight I will come up with a color combination I like even better.  
Have a good night!


  1. Nice to see you posting again on Monday Design Wall. I like your pretty applique.

  2. I love your Tweets. It is fun to see what others are doing with this. And I sooo agree with you about Erin's patterns, and her methods, as well.