Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Favorite Things 1

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite quilting items.  When I received my goody bag from McCalls I was given two gift certificates.  I used my certificate to Stitchin' Heaven to buy this.

It is an applique thread kit, you can find it here.  As you know I love to applique.  I usually use silk thread but I only have a few colors so I usually applique everything in pink.  I know, I should match my thread.  That is why I bought this.

The thread is housed in a bobbin saver and the thread is by Superior Threads.  I have used Superior Threads to machine piece but I have to tell you that I love this product.  It fits in my applique box and I have every color I need.  Plus it just looks so cool!  I have enjoyed picking out just the right color and as a bonus my little A has learned many more colors because she loves to look at it too.  There you go, it is great for applique and as a learning tool.  The kit also came with some needles and Thread Heaven.  If you have never used Thread Heaven you need to give it a try.  Just run your thread through the waxy stuff and it will glide through fabric, knots are not as much of a problem.  It is amazing.  
This is such a great idea I don't know what I will do when I run out, probably just get another one.  
Thanks Stitchin' Heaven for the gift certificate!  

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  1. I just bought more fabric with my $25. I'll have to look for that Bobbin holder full of Superior Threads next time I'm in a place that has them. I tend to use gray or tan for my English Paper piecing Applique. I'm not proficient in Needle-turn yet. I love "Thread Heaven" too. It's the last day to VOTE! I'm trying to be patient in finding out who goes on...