Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday Night Football

We live in a small town and love it.  One thing that is so much fun is attending local high school sports.  We don't do it as much as we can/should but we went to the football game last weekend because our two big girls were dancing at half time.

They practiced with the drill team (high school dance team) all week for Friday's game.  They were so excited, we even got a smile out of them by the bulldog.  They look great don't they?

Well, the excitement was short lived because soon after the first picture they started complaining about how I tied their t-shirts.   

This is how they looked while we were waiting for half time.  They thought I was mean because I wouldn't let them untie them until after their dance.  No smiles from them at all!  Once they got out there they were great.  There were over 80 dancers out there and they put on a great show!  They were so much fun to watch.  (Sorry no pictures it was too dark.)

As I sang the school song with the community I was really grateful to be a part of our little town.  I grew up here and while I wasn't the most popular person I am appreciative of the memories and values I have from my childhood.  I have felt included and I hope that will continue for my children.  I know there are many great places to live but I love it here! If life ever takes me away from this little town I know I will miss it.  Thanks to everyone who makes this community great, lets keep it that way.  

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