Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1 UFO down - 11 more to go!

It is January 3rd and my first UFO is officially finished!  Alright, it was probably the easiest project, but it feels so good to check one off my list!  Here it is . . . the embroidery envelope.

It looks kind of dirty in this picture but in reality it is a cream color.  I sewed the outside together with one of the fancy stitches (the ones I never use) on my machine which made it easy to finish quickly.  The inside holds scissors, needles, thread, thimbles or whatever I can tie on or fit in the pouch.  

 Since I have my UFO completed I can start on the Color Palette Challenge.  I went to my local grocery store - wait I live in a small enough town we only have one grocery store (not a Walmart) and they sell fabric.  Really how can it get any better, you go to the store to buy milk and pick up a few yards of fabric!  Anyway, I went to the store and picked out a few pieces I thought would go along with the color palette.  They kind of fit and it only cost $11 for 2 1/2 yards, if something else jumps out at me I will probably pick it up as well.  

I will be adding black and white into the mix and we'll see what I come up with.  


  1. Such a cute project. I like the stitching you chose. I want to play around with my machine to see what I can come up with. Nice work!

  2. I think you win an award for UFO overachiever! Finishing in just 3 days? But seriously - good for you! And I LOVE that your grocery store carries fabric - I think if more grocery store owners paid attention to WHO was shopping, they might all have some. The fabrics you bought are very pretty.

  3. Contgrats on the UFO finish. Your grocery store has fabric. On the one hand that's pretty wow, on the other, I'd probably end up spending as much a week on fabric as I did on the grocercies!

  4. My UFO was a simple task to, but like you say it is a UFO crossed off the list. Fabric in the UK is becoming so expensive, I bought some the other week for £14.50/metre

  5. I love this sewing envelop - just perfect. Judy C

  6. What a great project and useful too! Your embroidery and button hole stitching is done very well.
    Great color choices for the color pallet!

  7. I see you finished more than one UFO! That must be a fun store! Love your finish.