Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mystery Ruffles Reveal

The project with the mystery ruffles is finished! 

I wanted to make  Easter dresses for my girls and I am happy they are complete.  Even a week early! Usually I am a last minute girl so this is out of character for me. 

The two skirts will be paired with peach shirts, leggings and sandals.  The dress at the top will have a white shirt and leggings under it, as well as sandals. 

The pillowcase dress is probably my favorite.  My original plans were to have the two little girls in matching dresses.  But Big K didn't want to have the same dress as her little sister.  Then I planned on making matching skirts for Big K and Big L.  Well that didn't go over to well with Big L.  So to make everyone happy, everyone got something different. 

I can't decide if the skirts need something else like a little flowers or more ribbon.  I know I should be happy with the results but I always look back and wish I had made different decisions.  But I don't have the time to remake them, so I am going to learn from my mistakes and go on.  Plus the girls are excited about their new clothes, it will take all my convincing to make them wait until Sunday to wear them! 

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