Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Clothes

I posted pictures of the girls Easter dresses earlier but here they are actually in them!  I think they turned out pretty cute.  

They were not really excited about posing outside the morning before church.  (I'm pretty sure I broke every photography rule with this pic.)  But you get to see the dresses all together and they are smiling!!

Little A's dress.  
She looked so cute and she couldn't stop looking in the mirror after she was ready to go.  

Big K's dress.  
I didn't get a decent picture of her so you get to see her doing one of her many dance moves!  The shirts the two big girls are wearing I found at WalMart and they are the exact match to the fabric in their dresses.  

Big L's dress.  
I was worried about her skirt looking too matronly, but when she was dressed she looked adorable.  Once again she looks to old to me, she is growing up too fast!  

My sister made these spring shirts for my girls.  She used a plain t-shirt and sewed silk flowers to the sleeves.  Her girls and mine had matching shirts for the rest of Easter day.  She said they reminded her of the Chiquita Banana lady.  My girls loved them and I'm sure I will have to talk them out of wearing them everyday!!

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