Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quilt Las Vegas Show

Westenskow and Sons recently (okay, almost a month ago) traveled to Henderson Nevada for the Quilt Las Vegas quilt show.  We have been to this show a few times before and we have always loved the warm weather and the people who organize the show.  
This time we had my parents, the five people in our family as well as my brother and his wife.  We are quite the crew as we walk into the show.  My kids have grown up going to quilt shows so they know the rules (NO touching the quilts, and use quiet voices) and for the most part they are pretty well behaved!!

Most of our time is spent in the booth, which looks something like this.  

I have to admit with ipads and smartphones they are much more easily entertained.  

My kids love the whole hotel experience and they are really easy to travel with.  Of course I have to have another picture of them on some kind of electronic device because they never play like normal kids (read in a sarcastic voice!).  They were pretty cute all snuggled up together!

Of course there were many beautiful quilts to look at, here are a few of my favorites.  

Fruit Smoothie - Trip around the Blender by Peg Cummings
This was something new and fun!

Can You Hear the Music by Helen Baczynski.  
The machine quilting was amazing, I'm sad the picture doesn't show it.  

"unnamed" by Darrin Martin.  
This is completely hand stitched and that is pretty amazing in my book!

"Shimmering Sea" by Denise Carrell  
I love the way the colors are put together in this quilt.  

There are vendors all over and I had a great time playing with the long arm machines.  My husband keeps telling me one day when he can manage I will get a long arm.  I'm in no hurry at the moment, but they are a lot of fun to play on!!  I really liked the sit down Handi Quilter, probable because I have been doing so much FMQ on my home machine.  Plus it was thousands of dollars less than any stand up machine.  A girl can dream can't she?

While we were there we put $10 into a raffle to win a gift basket.  There were multiple baskets we could try to win but my daughter L said we needed to put all 12 tickets into the same box so we would have a better chance at winning.  

So I did and look what I won!!

It was a great phone call to receive.  Since we left the show before it was over my parents brought it home.  I had to wait until the next day to open it.  I know, a whole day!!  I was pretty excited to win something.  

Here I am carefully studying everything that came in the basket.  I was much more excited than I look in this picture.

This was everything unpacked, fabric, needles, books, pin cushions, shirt (which I gave to my mom) and lots of other items.  It was a pretty good investment for $10!  

It was a great show, and if you are in the area next year you should stop by, it is a lot of fun!!


  1. Hello Anne! I just nominated you for the Liebster award...go to my (2) new posts and you'll see what it's about. You are one of my favorites :-)

  2. I missed seeing this post last week. I like the Smoothie quilt, what fun! Gla dyou won the goodie basket. It looks like there is a new rotary cutter there too.