Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old, but new quilts

I wanted to quickly share some of the older quilts I have made.  I am trying to make a quilt journal so I am rounding up all the quilts I have made, but after 12 or so years of quilting I can't remember every quilt!  

I made this first one for my brother before he was married.  I think it is called Friendship Star or Friendship Chain.  It was one of the quilts I have loved the most.  I used scraps and it was really easy.  

This quilt was made for my brother and his sweet wife for their wedding.  It was just a layer cake, white fabric and easy, raw edge machine applique.  I don't remember the name, but it did come from a magazine that is lost at the moment in my house.  

When we were at their house a few weeks ago I snapped these pictures so they could be added to the journal.  

It was great to be there! Although we almost tripled the amount of people who live in their apartment since we added 5. They made us delicious breakfast every morning, and were really good about us crashing there.  

They are expecting their first baby in August and Evan (my brother) wanted to try out their new stroller.

I think my three year old is a bit bigger than what they will be pushing around for awhile.  Oh yea, he was really excited I took this picture! 

While we were there we went to Hill Air Force Base to watch the Thunderbirds air show.  It rained all morning and I think we waited in traffic for about an hour.  But it cleared up enough to see a few really great shows.  

It is really hard to take a picture of planes that are moving so fast!  I don't know if my children appreciated it as much as my husband and I did.  It was a really amazing show.  

This is kind of a goofy picture because right after it was snapped the wind blew my hair into my face, but is a great shot of my cute hubby.  

This is what the kids looked like, wrapped up and comfy!  The younger two spent most of the show under the blanket giggling and having fun.  

It was a great way to start out our summer vacation.  


  1. Your first quilt set a really high standard - and such lovely colours!

  2. The first one I've seen called the "Ribbon Star". Good for you to try and document all of your quilts. I did a Book with MYPUBLISHER, a website that you can upload and print a book from. It took me over a month of many late nights. My book is 40 pages long with multiple quilts on each page and a total of 140 quilts in the book. I know I left a few out. I take a lot more pictures of my quilts now than I did way back when I started.

  3. Cute pics of the family!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!