Friday, June 22, 2012

Rewind to Mother's Day

I wanted to rewind and show you the fun activity my family did for Mother's Day.  My sister Robyn loves art, and is a huge reason why I love art too!  Since she lives in the "big city" she knows all of these cool things to do.  For Mother's Day we went to Painting with a Twist.  They are a national company that teaches people how to paint.  This works by you picking a day to paint, (they have different paintings on different days) then show up and they lead you step by step through the entire process.  The paint and canvas is provided, you go home with a finished piece and they keep the mess!

(It kind of sounds like a commercial but I promise it is not.)

Here we are (me, mom, sister in law and sister) at the beginning, blank canvas and smiles!  We decided to go with a variation of Van Gogh's Starry Night, the Salt Lake City version!  

I have to admit I was really nervous because I can't draw, I don't even doodle well.  But after three hours we had a finished product!  

It was amazing how they all turned out a little different.  It was pretty easy, we just took it one step at a time.  Even though there are things about mine that I don't love, I am really happy with the end result!  Plus I have a "real" painting by me in my house.  

We had a great time, lots of laughs and candy eaten during the time we were there, and we were still smiling by the end.  It is something I would do again!

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